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Look! Fringe tree flowers blossoming in Miyun


Trees are burgeoning on both sides of the road. The river banks with willow trees look obscure in moist fog. A handful of tender grass has sprouted among withered grass, making a final handover ceremony. The fragrance of plants brews in the humid air and diffuses in the warm breeze.

In the small village called Sujiayu in Xinchengzi Town, Miyun District, there is a 100-year-old fringe tree that blooms at the end of April and the beginning of May. From a distance, the fringe tree looks like a Christmas tree covered with glittering snowflakes, holy and inviting. A closer view presents the overlapping spikes composed of delicate flowers, giving off a faint fragrance in a refreshing breeze.

The flower buds of fringe trees have the shape of glutinous rice, and the flowers and tender leaves can be used for tea making, hence the name glutinous rice flowers and glutinous rice tea. In addition, the sprouts and leaves of fringe trees are of great medicinal value.

There are only three ancient fringe trees in Beijing, one in the courtyard of Xiushui Building in Chengze Garden, Peking University, and the other in Pinggu District. This fringe tree in Miyun District has the longest history among the three.

According to the aged in the village, the fringe tree has been there since the time of their elders and has not changed for 100 years. There is also a local doggerel praising the beautiful fringe tree: Appreciate clouds in Wuling Mountain and admire fringe tree flowers in Sujiayu Village. The tree blossoms like snowing in April, full of silver flowers overnight. According to the appraisal of the higher authorities, the tree is a second-class protected plant with an age of over 500 years.

With the relocation of mountain inhabitants in recent years, the living environment of the villagers in Sujiayu Village has been significantly improved, and the industrial structure of the village has been adjusted accordingly. The villagers have moved into a new, clean and tidy village, with the life quality constantly improved.

There are leafy trees on both sides of the street, enabling a stretch of sunshade composed of green umbrellas, refreshing pedestrians walking on the boulevard. Isn't it a pleasure to admire fringe tree flowers, climb forested mountains, eat local food, and relax yourself in a different way in Miyun after busy work?


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