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2016 Merry Christmas

Enjoy Beijing

Beijing Travel Strategies

Tourists traveling to Beijing must want to experience different kinds of social...[more]

China’s Love Affair with Mutton

Forgotten by much of the Western world, mutton remains a common component...[more]

Find out the Old Summer Palace

The old summer palace, also called Yuanmingyuan Park, is the garden...[more]



Longquan Temple Fair

Located at the foot of the Phoenix Ridge , Longquan Temple is surround by mountains and waters. With ..[more]

Season for Hawthorn Berries

Shanzha, also known as hawthorn berries, are among the most commonly used...[more]

Dongyue Temple in Winter

Dongyyue Temple also called Beijing Folklore Museum. It is a Taoist temple that built built in 1319 ...[more]



Temples to Visit in Beijing

Yunju Temple was constructed at the end of the Sui Dynasty and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, initially named “Zhi Quan Temple” and changed to “Yunju Temple” later. The total area of the temple is 0.07 square kilometers. After being repaired in the following dynasties, this temple now had five yards and six halls...[more]

Beijing's Halloween Countdown

From gruesome e-cards and glowing pumpkins to fancy dress parties and sanguine cocktails, Halloween is celebrated in Beijing with ever-growing enthusiasm. As an excuse to paint the town red and indulge fetishes for masks, wigs and all manner of gory paraphernalia, the annual horrorfest is obviously great value...[more]

What’s to Do in Beijing’s Winter?

What’s to Do in Beijing’s Winter?

1 SightseeingThough it is not so vibrant as spring or summer, Beijings winter has offers you many places to visit like the Forbbiden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Hutongs and many city parks.2 EatingWinter is a...[more]

Legends of Beijing

Legend of Jade Cabbage

Jade Cabbage

Long time ago, there was a man named Yu Shengxiang, who lived with his mother on Dali Street. His...[more]


Useful Tips for Wrinkle-free Packing

Packing Tips

The following tips can give your suitcase a wrinkle-free look and save space at the same time when packing ...[more]

Chinese Culture

Mandarin learning popularity growing in the UK


Mandarin learning is reportedly seeing a marked increase in popularity in the UK.Observers suggest the...[more]

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